In Search of Relevance: Locality and Remediation

Photograph: Sarah Waiswa
Photograph: Jannik Skorna
Photgraph: Jacques Nkinzingabo

Photgraph: Jacques Nkinzingabo


Kigali Photo Fest is an artist-led festival, founded by photographers for photographers.

We’re sharing work and ideas over the course of ten days – helping to build supportive and inclusive communities of practice.

As organisers, we believe African artists have a crucial role to play in educating African audiences. How can we communicate the richness and creative depth of photography? How can we encourage consumers of photography to value the artistic process and technical expertise involved in producing great images?

Photography helps us negotiate memory, the passing of history, and encounters with people and places we wouldn’t otherwise know. The identity of the photographer, their intention when they take the image and their positioning in that particular place all affect how we read and receive images.

What makes a photograph relevant?  

Join us to explore this question through our exhibitions, blogs and events…


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